A birthday, an anniversary, the opening of a shop or a show but also a special dinner at home: many occasions can be an opportunity to present yourself also through events concerning your life which you wish to share with others.

Organisational capacity but not only that: also on special occasions what counts apart from creativity and good organisational skills is conveying the personality of the individual or company that is organising the event and wishes to communicate something through it.

I also organise business events such as meetings, congresses, staff training courses and conventions.

As an Image Consultant I bring added value to this sector too because I am able to ‘tailor’ the event to ensure it reflects faithfully the client’s image.

Every facet of our personality is a part of us which we do not always manage to express as we would wish. That’s why I think that on certain occasions, even if only for lack of time, entrusting yourself to a professional will be of great help and will ensure your success.