Each of us has a unique and unrepeatable essence: you can express it through an image that matches your lifestyle, your way of thinking and acting and your body. 

Did you ever wonder why, when someone is introduced to us, we tend to forget their name?

It’s not simply forgetfulness of lack of interest on our part: it’s quite normal behaviour and it happens to all of us.  In the first minutes of a new meeting, 93% of our attention is drawn by the image of the person facing us and only 7% by what he or she is saying. The first words you hear, including the name, make very little impression because you are initially absorbed by the visual appearance of this person: their clothing, gestures and posture give you the first and very often lasting impression about them.

Others will do the exact same thing when meeting you for the first time: they will look at you, sum you up and in the end evaluate you. That’s why it’s vital that your image matches your true personality, what you are and the impression you want to make: it’s the first and most instinctive form of communication with the external world, the most unconscious and irrational, and as such the most powerful.

“As inside, so outside” – that’s the motto and approach I follow when working with my clients.

A journey within yourself to understand how to make your image match the real you. To ensure that the image we see reflected in the mirror is be exactly what we want to convey and what we want others to see.


Personal image consultancy is a pathway to be followed together and its aim is to make the person happier and more self-confident.

You might seek the services of an image consultant for a number of reasons: to improve your image, to face up to a new phase in your life in which bodily or lifestyle changes require you to revisit yourself, or to handle a specific situation with confidence, for example a job interview, an important invitation or an event requiring a particular dress code. Whatever the reasons why you feel the need to refresh your image, they are all important because of course you are important.

The consultancy I provide is fully personalised – it consists of a series of steps designed specifically around each client.


Step one: personal image

Colour analysis and study of face shape

We are surrounded by colour, and colour has a strong emotional impact on our lives. So let’s start from colour analysis to find out which colours suit you best and which you should avoid. Which colours will make you more beautiful, younger, and more confident – in other words, a winner.

Observation and study of face shape will allow you to identify the hairstyle that goes best with your visage, and the accessories most suitable for you. Finally, we will be studying the makeup tones that suit your complexion. I will teach you how to apply makeup in just ten minutes, even when work and family demand your attention – this will guarantee that you are always glamorous and glowing.

Step two: image analysis

Analysis of body shape and style

We are going to analyse together your body shape so that we can choose outfits with shapes, cuts, patterns and materials that flatter your physical type. We will also study the accessories that suit you best.

Then, based on your personality, lifestyle, occupation, interests and wishes we will discover and create your style.


Step three: image consultancy

Wardrobe review and preparing a shopping list 

If you spend ten minutes every day frantically trying to decide what to wear and whining, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’, this feeling will become just a distant memory. A wardrobe review means analysing all your clothes one by one: those whose style and colour are completely wrong for you can be donated, those that are only wrong in style or colour will be carefully reviewed, those that are suitable will be coordinated with new items, creating an ad hoc shopping list. Together we will create a simple, well-organised wardrobe in which you will find quickly and easily the right outfits for every occasion in your life.

Step four: reorganising your wardrobe

A smart shopping session

Most women have a full wardrobe but only use about 20% of its contents. Dozens and dozens of items and dresses are crammed in poorly organized spaces, and in some cases discarded with their price tag still attached! Obviously, this is the result of poorly organized, irrational shopping. Actually, a truly stylish closet should never be packed with clothes – it’s not quantity that makes us elegant but quality.

Based on the selection made in the previous step, we shall go on a delightful shopping expedition to learn how to make targeted purchases: you’ll discover a new, surprising way of shopping for clothes.