From a handshake to a sip of  champagne, from a simple meeting to a public speaking event, your colours, movements and accessories will all speak about you. Especially when you are not saying a word. 

If an image matching your personality is important in all areas of life, in professional life it can have a crucial impact. The risk of appearing poorly reliable or not suitable for the role you are aiming at always hovers in the background. Professional image consultancy or business etiquette too starts from colour but the aim is rather to analyse colours and their symbolic value within our society. What are we communicating with colour? How can we appear more reliable, determined, aggressive or, on the contrary, conciliatory?  We must learn to recognize the power of colour and its use in our working lives.

Colours and dress codes vary according to your chosen occupation.

It’s quite obvious that the style, say, of a businessperson or a lawyer is quite different from that of architect. While they are all high-level professional figures, they must communicate very different concepts: the former reliability and the latter creativity. Whether we’re talking about men or women, the aim will be the same – coherence between image and professional role.

A few, carefully chosen accessories will add a creative personal touch even where the profession requires a sober, non-flashy style. Professional image consultancy can include, especially for men, assistance at the tailor’s in the choice of personalised clothes.


Corporate image

A company’s image equates with that of its employees. That’s why it may be necessary at times to correct or create from scratch an image in line both with the firm’s philosophy and the role of individual employees or managers, through one-on-one or group  interviews.



A business environment in which people from different countries come together, having a variety of cultural and business backgrounds, requires specific advance preparation. Pursuing business deals with foreign clients may be a great opportunity for growth or a potential disaster. Knowing the customs and rules of etiquette of our new commercial partner can be the winning card to achieve success. A preliminary meeting in which to learn the rules of the game will therefore be of fundamental help.